PixelPrairie Imaging Services Carrollton, TX

Cadet/MSgt. Holland and Cadet/AIC Medellin proudly display their 2016-17 TX-20105 composite display for Eagle Mountain Schools ISD.

Cadet/Sgt. Saldana and 1st Sgt. Montelongo take delivery of their 2016-17 composite display for the Trojan Battalion of University High School

MSgt. Copland and Lt. Col. Hansen take delivery of their first PixelPrairie produced composite display for the Flower Mound HS JROTC. Due to limited classroom space, the unit prefers a smaller display.

CMSgt Salinas and Fall semester Group Commander, C/Lt. Colonel Ben Adkison prepare to mount the 2016-17 group composite for the Marcus HS JROTC.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jacqueline Lopez and Cadet Captain Jay Shah prepare to display their just delivered 2016-17 Keller ISD AFJROTC composite.


Lt. Col. Blankenship and MSgt. Mims show of their new 2016-17 composite display for the Burleson ISD JROTC.


Cadet Ensign Ashton Soules and Cadet Petty Officer 1st Class Ashley Castillo prepare to hang their new 2016-17 Joshua HS NJROTC composite display.


C/CSM Kayla Liddell, Major Ellington, C/Captain Hope Baxter, CSM Moody, and C/2nd Lieutenant Deanna Lescelius of Summit HS take delivery of their 2016-17 Jaguar JROTC Battalion composite display.


CMSgt Garcia prepares to hang the new photo composite display for the Forney ISD JROTC.


Anna HS Director of Bands Justin Wallis prepares to hang the new composite display for the 2016-17 Anna Coyote Marching Band.